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Cook Turkey Breast Down

cook turkey breast down



We missed Thanksgiving last year when we were in Auckland. NZ doesn't celebrate it, which to me is enough excuse to leave this country in spite of all its beauty. The turkey dinner has been a tradition for me ever since I moved to Canada when I used to invite all my friends without families in Toronto over to partake of the bird. I like to make this meal from scratch, with a fresh turkey and home made wild rice stuffing. Lynn was all too happy for us to roast the bird this year, so this year I got to win the breast-side-down standoff. Everything was yum of course, and as expected we ended up with way too much food, including excessive amounts of dessert courtesy of Victor. The thought of not having turkey sandwiches for the rest of the week and boiling a turkey broth from the carcass made threaten to miss that flight the next morning.

Christmas Turkey Derrick

Christmas Turkey Derrick

Here was my setup for deep frying my Christmas turkey. It came off fantastically. Extremely nice, moist meat. Cooked in 30 minutes!

Only thing was that i originally planned to cook the turkey vertically. Then I realized I had nowhere near enough oil. The recipes assume a much narrower pot diameter. So instead I cooked it sitting breast-down in my crayfish strainer. It worked fine.

Keeping the oil at 350f with the wind was a bit of a challenge. Had to built windbreaks out of boxes.

cook turkey breast down

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