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Tv Cooks Uk

tv cooks uk



Delia Smith. To those of you who don't know who Delia Smith is : she's a much respected UK food writer and TV cook of some 40 years standing. When Delia publishes a new book of recipes a certain, and quite sizeable, sector of the population go out and buy it. When she has a TV series running and shows us a recipe for, say, a pudding that includes cranberries there will be a national cranberry shortage by the end of the following day. When she recommends a particular item of cookware from a hitherto little known manufacturer, that manufacturer whoops with delight as every one of their products fly off the shelf shortly afterwards.

I'm not kidding - this woman has a huge and devoted following. And with good reason. She comes up with very nice recipes that are pretty easy to follow and make delicious meals. This is proper home cooking how it should be.

Now I'm not a Delia fan as such but I have a level of respect for her. If you want to sit and watch lovely food being cooked on the TV then you won't be disappointed. You know this is quality stuff.

Last night Mrs PYLTN and I watched the first of her new TV series - an event of national importance, of course. We sat in front of the TV and our mouths hung open in disbelief. This series is evidently Delia's attempt to show you how to cook meals but without any real cooking involved. She made a Shepherd's Pie with tinned - tinned - mince, pre-grated cheese, pre-chopped leeks and frozen pre-cooked mashed potato discs. We were horrified. Surely some of her hard core fans must have collapsed on the spot!

Somehow when Nigella Lawson ran a series recently and we discovered that the bus she was pictured riding on with the public was actually hired out privately along with some actors, and her kitchen we saw was actually a reconstruction in a studio we were surprised but not shocked. Overall I suppose we found it amusing.

But this, THIS could bring the nation to it's knees could it not? I can scarcely imagine the long term repercussions of it. And I'm sure when I read the look on Delia's face as she dolled out some more frozen mash discs on another dish, I believe I could see that she was wincing. Dying a little inside with each sad little disc of frozen spud.

A previous series of hers was called, "Delia's How to Cook". Good, solid advice on how to cook and make decent food. Now it seems we have, "Delia's How to warm bits and bobs up". Please Delia - don't do it!

Update :

Re. papragraph 3 above I would like to amend it from reading "...have a level of respect..." to "...had a level of respect..". Thank you.

New Unilever Product Launch - Flora Cuisine

New Unilever Product Launch - Flora Cuisine

Starring TV presenter Vernon Kay and his Mum, Gladys, the TV ad plays on what we all know – when it comes to our health, our Mums know best. As there’s no product like it in the UK, this campaign seeks to prepare consumers for Flora Cuisine’s unusual qualities; it’s creamy texture, how it’s found in the chilled aisle of the supermarket (and kept in the fridge at home) as well as the fact that’s its unusually healthy: 45% less saturated fat than olive oil.

The campaign is supported at launch by Yahoo, MSN and YouTube home-page takeovers as well as rich media online video. There’s also a campaign microsite where Gladys provides more information about using, storing and cooking with Flora Cuisine as well as a host of recipe suggestions. The Facebook fan page, which already has over 16,000 followers, also promotes the virtues of the new cooking liquid while celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli has also lent his backing to the campaign with a specially created range of recipes, also available on the microsite and Facebook page.

Phil Ellis, Regional Brand Director – Spreads, Unilever, comments, “Flora Cuisine is the single biggest category innovation since the launch of Pro.Activ. True to all of our Flora products, it promises to give consumers a healthier choice which we hope will revolutionise everyday healthy cooking in the UK. For the campaign, we were thrilled to work with Vernon and Gladys who were both an absolute pleasure throughout.”

Daniel Taylor, Global Business Director, DDB comments, “This campaign has not only met the benchmark for engaging creative work, but is also testament to the integrated model at DDB UK where traditional and digital channels work seamlessly together”

As well as the TV, digital and social media aspects, the launch is supported by PR, advertorial, radio, in-store and sampling activities that will run from the 4th April for the rest of the year.

tv cooks uk

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